Development and Testing

In-house development and testing is continually used to gain engine performance to ensure we supply the very best in engine performance, reliability and durability.

Engine dynos
We have three eddy current engine dynos of different capacities to enable us to test engines up to 1000PS and up to the highest possible accuracy. We continuously invest in new equipment to enable us to acquire as much data as possible to fully understand the engine behaviour, we can log cylinder pressures, intake and exhaust pressures, fuel flow, airflow and many more parameters. In recent years we upgraded our dyno cells with air conditioning to guarantee constant atmospheric conditions in the dyno cell. On two of our dynos we can run dynamic cycles to simulate track conditions.

Besides performance and reliability development we use our dynos for running in and power checking each engine before it leaves the premises.

Component dynos
We also have a component dyno on which we can drive individual subassemblies to check friction losses and reliability.

Flow bench
The flow bench is a very useful tool to support and better understand CFD and 1D simulation. We have recently upgraded our flow bench to enable us to quantify how much tumble a certain port shape can generate.